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Fitness & Health Promotion Program Outline

(Please note that programs may be changed or upgraded to meet the demands of industry without notice)

Core Fitness and Health Skills:

Anatomy and Physiology

Students will learn all the major aspects of the structure and function of the human body.  Emphasis will be place on the components that form the basis of the field of exercise physiology.

Exercise Physiology

Physiology of sports and exercise introduces the student to the field of sport and exercise physiology.  The goal is the build on the foundation of knowledge that has been constructed through basic course work in human anatomy and physiology by applying the principles learned to how the body performs and responds to physical activity.

Biomechanics and Kinesiology

Using previous knowledge gained, the students will learn the principles of biomechanics through observation of common activities.  By observing ordinary activities firsthand, students will be able to develop functional and meaningful explanations, resulting in a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanical concepts.  By analyzing movement, students will learn to design safe and effective exercise programs.

Nutrition and Wellness

Students learn to understand the role of proper nutrition in attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Assessment & Program Design

Basic understanding of health evaluations, fitness testing, the components of a fitness test, protocols to follow when performing a fitness test, a general understanding of the five components of fitness, fitness test for each and how to design a general and basic fitness/exercise regime.

Personal Training & Programming

This knowledge will enhance that which students have gained from the previous modules whereby encouraging them to formulate ideas into programs for the average client and the special population clientele they will encounter.

Leisure Program Design & Management

This module will create an understanding for the student in regards to how the public and private sectors, leisure and recreation programs are developed and provide them with hands-on experience with such leisure pursuits in the community. 

Community & Civic Life

This module will enhance the student’s knowledge of what a community is, what community program and issues exist within it and the role they will play in their community as a health professional.  Increasing emphasis on lifestyle modification through community services and specific corporate activities.

Business of a Personal Trainer

This module addresses the business side of a personal trainer and how to build solid business to become an effective trainer.

Group Exercise Techniques

This module is designed to provide students with methods for group exercise instruction, how to lead groups effectively, exercise class dynamics, methodology required to arrange classes, how to create effective teaching progressions and how to choreograph/program music.

Advanced Exercise Training

This module is designed to provide an advanced and comprehensive approach to physical fitness and exercise programs specific to sport.


The purpose of this module is for students to practice their applied skills in a simulated work place setting.

Workplace Skills:

Student Success Strategies

Emphasis is placed on thinking about success from day one and developing the non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic and career success. Topics include: goal setting, time management, learning styles, memory techniques, note taking and test writing techniques.

Professional Skills

This module helps students understand internal and external workplace situations in order to learn the skills required to deal properly with each other in a workplace and assist in customer care.

Computer Essentials

Introduction to computer operations: operating system basics, disk structures, information sharing and customization, keyboarding, windows graphical user interface, basic use of the internet, introduction to word processing (MS Word), spreadsheets (MS Excel).

Career and Employment Strategies     

This module takes the students through the entire job search process including:

  • Where and how to look for a job
  • Effective resume preparation
  • Creating a cover letter tailored to the position
  • Interview preparation
  • Job search management
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem building
  • Mock interviews 
  • Follow up after the interview