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Travel Counsellor Program Outline

(Please note that programs may be changed or upgraded to meet the demands of industry without notice)

Core Travel and Hospitality Skills:

Travel and Tourism Geography

This module is designed to create an awareness not only of the basic location of cities and countries, but also to develop a cultural awareness of popular tourist destinations. This course uses textbooks which emphasizes on what to do, passenger itineraries, climate, when to go, transportation, accommodation, health advisories, what to buy,  

where to eat, travel tips and fascinating facts for the following destinations: North and South America, Caribbean and Mexico, Britain and Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Africa, maps indicating World UNESCO Sites, Blue Flag Beaches, Major Ski Resorts, World Time Zones, Major Airports and their codes.

Computer Reservation Systems

This module introduces the student to the basic operation of the Airline Reservation System. Through use of simulation software, the student will learn how to make reservations, determine fares, and obtain additional information to meet client needs.

Tours and Surface Transportation

Tour selection and planning is an important part of a travel agency’s business. Cruising, rail transportation and motor coach tours will be studied in conjunction with package, independent tours, and travel insurance. Sales Techniques are covered in this module. This will give the student the necessary sales techniques required to compete successfully in the travel industry. Students will learn the methods to develop and maintain a client base, and maximizing profits. This section will also introduce the student to the day to day operations of a travel agency and how it applies to travel counsellors. Topics covered include: filing procedures, agency accounting and maintaining client files. Upon completion the students will be able to successfully select and sell tours as well as insure them to meet client needs. In addition, the student will know how to prepare their resume and learn how to successfully secure employment.

Travel Industry Council of Ontario

Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) requirements will be learned and students will complete the mandatory TICO exam in their own classroom environment.

Domestic and International Fares and Ticketing

In this section, the student will be given a basic understanding of Airline Terminology. With the use of the computer reservation system and airline and consolidator websites, students will plan itineraries and calculate the most advantageous fare to meet client needs and budget. Consolidation and online pricing will be thoroughly taught to give the students the knowledge necessary to compete within the industry and win client bookings. With this knowledge students will issue the standard traffic documents with the precision required in the travel industry.

Co-op Placement

The student will be required to complete a ten day work experience program which is pre-arranged by the Academy.

Workplace Skills:

Student Success Strategies

Emphasis is placed on thinking about success from day one and developing the non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic and career success. Topics include: goal setting, time management, learning styles, memory techniques, note taking and test writing techniques.

Professional Skills

Professional skills are presented throughout the program to help students understand internal and external workplace situations in order to learn the skills required to deal properly with each other in a workplace and provide an exceptional customer experience

Career and Employment Strategies     

This module takes the students through the entire job search process including:

  • Where and how to look for a job
  • Effective resume preparation
  • Creating a cover letter tailored to the position
  • Interview preparation
  • Job search management
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem building
  • Mock interviews 
  • Follow up after the interview