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Algonquin Careers Academy is a leading provider of career training diploma, certificate and continuing education programs in Ottawa, Ontario and Online. Since 1981 Algonquin Careers Academy has been changing lives by providing our students with high quality, industry specific, career training.

We are a Canadian owned private Career College with campus located in Ottawa, Ontario. We welcome all students including international students from around the world.

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Algonquin Careers Academy, with a campus in Ottawa and Online learning options, has an excellent selection of career focused diploma programs. All of our programs combine in-class or online education with practical hands on training. In addition, the majority of our programs feature a co-op placement, providing you with the opportunity to meet prospective employers, explore careers, and gain valuable in-field experience. Our friendly environment and small class sizes will make you feel comfortable with your decision to return to school. Career Services will prepare you well for your job search. Algonquin Careers Academy cares about your success!

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  • When I first enrolled at Algonquin Careers Academy I was worried especially because I had chosen a new professional field. Although the first few weeks were extremely stressful, the support I received not only from faculty members but also from counselors made it easier to adapt to the new routine. After successfully achieving my academic goals, I was able to find a placement opportunity exactly where I wanted. Then, given my performance, I was offered a job on my last day of placement. All in all, coming back to school and graduating from Algonquin Careers Academy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I look forward to a very successful career as a Medical Lab Technician.

    Elibeth F. | Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician

  • For sure Algonquin Careers Academy is one of the best schools I have studied in. The instructor was really amazing. I love her way of teaching. She simplifies subjects to be easy for students to understand. The staff was friendly and smiles were always on their faces. I would highly recommend this school for students.

    Saif A. | Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician

  • Thank you for your support, professionalism and friendly environment. I felt comfortable with the staff and management. They were always willing to answer my questions and assist me in any way. I would definitely recommend Algonquin Careers Academy to any one wishing to improve their situation in life and advance to a prosperous career.

    Heartily T. | Personal Suport Worker

  • As a student of Algonquin Careers Academy, I have really appreciated the positive atmosphere the school has provided for me. I have found the faculty to be both encouraging and positive, while always challenging me to do my best. I’ve been shown sincere support both at an educational level and a personal one. I have found myself to be truly succeeding in my studies, which is due to the teacher’s ability not only to educate me, but to assist me in having a true understanding of the legal system. The level of education has gone beyond regular textbook learning, as we are encouraged to have classroom discussions where we are welcome to share educated opinions on topics that are relevant to the world outside of school.

    Sarah C | Paralegal

  • I love the fact that it is a fast track program that you are finished in less than a year. The hours work perfectly for my family life and allows me to continue to work in the afternoons.

    Kim F. | Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician

  • In my opinion, the PSW program was a most valuable learning experience in my career. I enjoyed the very open minded and interaction with the classmates and my instructor. I especially appreciated being taught by Mrs. Godin instructor with real world experience ready to equip us to confront real situations in our professional career.  I really can’t tell you how much your program has helped me look at things differently with more perspective in my new career.

    Jorgina V. | Personal Support Worker

  • I love Algonquin Careers Academy. I would recommend anyone to attend this college. You feel like family and the environment is so friendly and welcoming.

    Stephanie B. | Medical Office Assistant


Our students are returning to school to upgrade their education with a focus on getting a better job and starting a career in a field of interest to them. All of the staff at Algonquin Careers Academy understand this and are devoted to helping our students achieve this goal. We have dedicated Career Service personnel who will help each student on a group and/or an individual basis to develop their resume and cover letter, practice interview skills and research job opportunities. Our job is to get our students a job in their field of choice.

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