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Career Services for Students


Career Services – We Can Help

Our students are returning to school to upgrade their education with a focus on getting a better job and starting a career in a field of interest to them. All of the staff at Algonquin Careers Academy understand this and are devoted to helping our students achieve this goal. We have dedicated Career Service personnel who will help each student on a group and/or an individual basis to develop their resume and cover letter, practice interview skills and research job opportunities. Our job is to get our students a job in their field of choice.

Start your New Career off Right

Right from the start, we are working to get our students job-ready.

  • Our Admissions Representatives ensure that you are selecting the right program for your abilities and personality
  • Our Student Success Strategies course emphasizes the importance of learning, putting your best foot forward in every situation, and of networking throughout your program to ensure that you are making valuable connections before you graduate
  • Our programs consist of practical, hands on training for the real world and you are taught by instructors who have had real world experience to help bring the training to life for you
  • We offer a Careers course to guide the students in the class through the entire job search process and, without exception, it makes the students feel more prepared for the ultimate goal: getting hired for the job you want!  
  • As individuals, you can go to the Career Counsellor for additional help.
  • The practical placement provides you with actual experience in your chosen field and builds confidence in the application of the skills you have learned
  • Our graduates are welcome back to the school to take advantage of our Career Services and we continue to send out job opportunities to those who are interested

All of these components are designed to ensure that our students get hired after they graduate.

Resume Tips

The purpose of your resume is to introduce you to a potential employer and get you an interview so it has to be enticing. Your resume sums up in a single document your education, your work history, your volunteer experience and your skills.

Click here for some tips to develop a resume that works.  

Cover Letter Tips

Whenever possible, a resume should be submitted with a cover letter. The cover letter offers you the opportunity to sell yourself to this specific opportunity, to convince the reader that they should look further at your application, and to show just how interested you are in this position at this company.

Click here for tips on how to tailor your cover letter to the opportunity.

Online Application Tips

More and more it is becoming common to “apply online”. However, these online applications also ask for your resume. You have worked hard to produce a well-formatted cover letter and resume with strong content so you need to follow up with a solid online application.

Click here for some tips on how to do this.

Interview Tips

So your cover letter, resume, online application, and/or direct approach worked and now you have an interview.

Click here for some tips on how to succeed in an interview.