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Associations and Industry Partners

Algonquin Careers Academy instructors are experts in their respective fields. Our staff are dedicated professionals committed to on-going professional development and continuous involvement in the industry.  

We can offer a wealth of network contacts and assistance with employment opportunities. The following outlines our professional and industry specific accreditations and partners.  

Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP)

CCAPP is responsible for the accreditation of the professional degree programs in pharmacy at the universities in Canada and of pharmacy technician programs in the college-level system. CCAPP also conducts accreditation services and prepares evaluation reports for selected international professional pharmacy degree and pharmacy technician programs meeting CCAPP criteria for international reviews. CCAPP

Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association (CPTEA)  

The Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association (CPTEA) is the national organization of Pharmacy Technician Educators established to lead, advance, support, and promote excellence in Pharmacy Technician education. CPTEA

Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS)    

The CSMLS is the national certifying body for medical laboratory technologists and medical laboratory assistants, and the national professional society for Canada's medical laboratory professionals. The purpose of CSMLS is 

  • To promote and maintain a nationally accepted standard of medical laboratory technology by which other health professionals and the public are assured of effective and economical laboratory services, and
  • To promote, maintain and protect the professional identity and interests of the medical laboratory professional and of the profession. CSMLS

Career Colleges Ontario (CCO)  

Career Colleges Ontario (CCO) is a not-for-profit association that was established in 1973 to advocate on behalf of private career colleges in the province. The association’s purpose is to help governments, key decision makers and the public understand the critical role its members and their students play in supporting Ontario’s post-secondary education system and improving the province’s economic well-being. CCO

Law Society of Ontario (LSO)

Created by an act of the Legislative Assembly in 1797, the Law Society of Upper Canada governs Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals in the public interest by ensuring that the people of Ontario are served by lawyers and paralegals who meet high standards of learning, competence and professional conduct. LSO

Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario (MLPAO)    

The MLPAO is supported by the laboratory technologists and technicians of Ontario who wish to belong to an organization whose exclusive mandate is to serve the medical laboratory profession.  The Society serves as the unified voice and advocate of professional issues in Ontario for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) and Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians (MLA/Ts).  The MLPAO offers a diversified collection of programs and benefits to its membership. MLPAO

National Association of Career Colleges (NACC)  

NACC is a national association representing 500 career colleges from across the country. NACC has a long, proud history of supporting the national interests of Canadian career colleges. Our purpose is to be the voice and enabler of opportunities for our members and benefits for their students. Our vision is to be the recognized and respected voice of career colleges across Canada. NACC

National Dental Assisting Education Board (NDAEB)

The NDAEB was established on November 15, 1997 at which time, the responsibility for the administration of the national examination of Dental Assistants in Canada was transferred from the Canadian Dental Assistants' Association (CDAA).  The NDAEB's mission is to assure individuals have met the current national baseline standard in the knowledge and skills required by Canadian provincial or territorial regulatory authorities for recognition as an intra-oral dental assistant. NDAEB

Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) 

The Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP), incorporated in 1871, is the registering and regulating body for the profession of pharmacy in Ontario. The College’s mandate is to serve and protect the public and hold Ontario’s pharmacists and pharmacy technicians accountable to the established legislation, standards of practice, code of ethics and policies and guidelines relevant to pharmacy practice. The College also ensures that pharmacies within the province meet certain standards for operation and are accredited by the College. OCP

Formed in 2011 with its headquarters in Ottawa, uLawPractice is Canada's leading supplier of practice management and legal accounting software services to Canadian legal practitioners wishing to remain in compliance with regulators while speedily automating bookkeeping tailored specifically for Canadian practitioners across all jurisdictions. uLawPractice