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Online Programs and Career Courses

Is Online Learning the Right Choice for Me?

Algonquin Careers Academy offers a variety of programs both in class and online so that you can chose which format best meets your needs.


Our online programs consist of scheduled sessions (lecture provided by live video with your instructor), lessons based on your schedule delivered through our Learner Management System and, for specific programs, on campus scheduled laboratory sessions. This is commonly referred to as blended learning


Our online programs will be of most interest to individuals who have busy lives with work and family commitments. The blended learning stream allows learners to manage their own time to balance work, life and studies.


Our programs are designed to provide individual online learning which must be completed within specified time periods, scheduled lessons with your instructor and classmates supported by live streamed video and scheduled on campus laboratory sessions if your program includes a physical lab component.


Should you require a quiet place to work away from your home or office, you are welcome to schedule time and resource access at one of our campus locations during normal school hours.


We are currently offering the following diploma programs in a blended learning (online) format:

  • Accounting and Payroll Administrator
  • Business Management
  • Law Clerk
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Pharmacy Assistant

More about each of these programs below.


Accounting and Payroll Diploma Program Online

Scheduled over 38 weeks based on 20 hours per week of dedicated learning plus homework

Accounting and Payroll skills are needed in all organizations, public, private, big, small! Accounting staff calculate, prepare and process bills, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, budgets, and other financial records. Payroll clerks collect, verify and process payroll information and determine pay and benefit entitlements for employees. The principles and practical skills learned in the Accounting and Payroll courses ensure our graduates will be effective and efficient in an entry-level accounting or payroll position.


For the bottom line on what is included in the Accounting and Payroll program, please follow this link:  Accounting and Payroll Administrator 


Business Management Diploma Program Online

  • Scheduled over 48 weeks based on 20 hours per week of dedicated learning plus homework

Do you have an interest in all aspects of business including accounting, marketing, human resources and business law? Then the Business Management course may be the program for you! Business Management graduates can enter into the business world through a variety of paths. The objective of the Business Management Diploma program is to train students in business practices – from understanding financial statements to the intricacies of social media marketing.


For further analysis about the depth and breadth of learning in the Business Management program, please follow this link:  Business Management


Law Clerk Diploma Program Online

  • Scheduled over 34 weeks including a 6 week full time practical placement based on 20 hours per week plus homework.

Are you a well-organized individual with excellent communication and administrative skills with an interest in the law? The Law Clerk course may be the right choice for you! Law clerks prepare legal documents, maintain records and files and conduct research to assist lawyers or other professionals. Our Law Clerk diploma program prepares you for a career in this interesting and dynamic field.


The verdict for you is to get more details about our Law Clerk Program by following this link:  Law Clerk


Medical Office Assistant Diploma Program Online

  • Scheduled over 33 weeks including 6 week full time practical placement based on 20 hours per week plus homework

Are you an organized individual with excellent customer service skills who loves to work in a fast-paced environment? The Medical Office Assistant program may be the right choice for you. The growing need for medical and dental services by an aging population combined with a strong government focus on improving access to healthcare in Ontario is fuelling demand for trained and knowledgeable Medical Office Assistants.


The diagnosis is for you to get more details about our Medical Office Assistant program by following this link:  Medical Office Assistant


Personal Support Worker Certificate Program Online

(Free Tuition - Paid Placement - Start Before July 31 - see below)

  • 30 weeks total time to complete based on 20 hours per week for academic portion and 37.5 hours per week during placement
  • Additional time for homework is required
  • Includes an 8 week practical placement in Long-term Care and Community workplaces
  • Majority of the course content is completed online within pre-scheduled milestones
  • Instructor time is scheduled each week via video lectures
  • Practical labs are prescheduled and delivered in the Personal Support Worker Labs in the Ottawa and Mississauga schools

The Covid 19 pandemic put a sharp focus on the need for well trained and fairly paid personal support workers. The growing need for medical services by an aging population and an increased focus by government on home and long-term care are fuelling demand for trained, knowledgeable and caring Personal Support Workers.

Knowing that you are making a difference to people who need you is what makes the PSW career choice very rewarding for caring individuals with excellent people skills. The PSW program is designed to provide our students with the necessary training and education to pursue a career in the traditional nursing assistant role in health care environments.

Free Tuition - Paid Placement

The Government of Ontario is funding the Personal Support Worker program because of the shortage of PSWs in the province. Eligible students (conditions apply) will have their tuition and fees paid for by the government and will be paid during the 8 week practical placement arranged at a long-term care facility. To be eligible, students must start the PSW program between May 1 and July 31, 2021. Contact an Admissions Representative now to find out how you can take advantage of this free tuition opportunity.

To personally support you to with more details about our Personal Support Worker program, follow this link:  Personal Support Worker 


Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program Online

  • Scheduled over 34 weeks including a 6 week full time practical placement based on 20 hours per week plus homework
  • Laboratory component required

Are you organized with strong customer service skills and interested in the health care industry? Then the Pharmacy Assistant program could be the right option for you! Pharmacy Assistants perform many tasks including filling prescriptions, compounding medications, inventory control, stocking shelves, keeping accurate records, point of sale transactions, answering phones and customer service. Pharmacy Assistants are a key part of the community pharmacy practice. This diploma program with the combination online theory, in-lab, hands on practical experience and co-op placement ensures you graduate with confidence in yourself and in your theoretical and practical skills.  


Your prescription is to get more information about the Pharmacy Assistant Program, please follow this link:  Pharmacy Assistant 


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