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A day in the life of an ACA Business Management student

A day in the life of an ACA Business Management student

For the past three weeks in the Ottawa Business Management class, we have been exploring the “people” side of business: the world of Human Resource Management.  You often hear successful business executives saying “Our employees are our greatest asset”.  What does that really mean?  Productive, happy, engaged employees have the ability to increase customer satisfaction, employee morale, productivity, and PROFITS.  Underutilized, unhappy, or highly stressed employees can undermine an entrepreneur’s dreams.  Employees ARE the business and can mean the difference between a successful enterprise and failure. 

During other modules we have explored the financial side of running a business; how debits and credits differ from the popular meaning of your bank credit or debit card, how to prepare and interpret financial statements, and how to use current accounting software to record the financial transactions of the firm on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Still to come? Marketing, Business Law, and International Commerce just to mention a few.  The final module of the program is “Preparing a Business Plan” where each student presents their own business dream.  There is still a lot of work to be done by the current Business Management class but also some room for celebrating the final days of the Accounting and Payroll students.  What a great group of students - they are so supportive of each other!

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