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Nicole Boch Nominated for CCO Outstanding Graduate AwardNicole Boch, an Ottawa alumni of the Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician diploma program, was one of our graduates nominated for the CCO Outstanding Graduate Award. Nicole operates at the highest level of performance in everything she does, and her time as a student at Algonquin Careers Academy (ACA) was no exception. During her time as a student at ACA in the MedLab program, Nicole maintained a grade average in excess of 90% at all times and received awards for Academic Excellence, Perfect Attendance and twice received Student of the Month recognizing excellence in academics and leadership. All of this was accomplished while maintaining a full time job where she worked until 11 pm every weekday. The ability to maintain this average while holding down a full time job was truly exceptional.


Several months prior to the end of her program, Nicole submitted her resume to a few employers and was hired full time in her field based on her grades and previous experience. The employer held the position for her until after she completed placement and graduated.


After graduation Nicole started her job as a medical laboratory technician, and quickly demonstrated her drive for excellence impressing her employer with her phlebotomy and her organizational skills. Nicole was quickly promoted into a supervisory role as the Quality Coordinator for Bio-Test Labs where she was involved in all aspects of the lab, specimen processing, phlebotomy and quality assurance at all of their Ottawa locations. She also trained new staff on phlebotomy and specimen processing/data processing.


Nicole was hired by Algonquin Careers Academy in 2018 on a part time basis as a teaching assistant to work with the students in the Lab setting. Based on her exceptional performance, she was promoted to full time instructor within 6 months. While at ACA, she has achieved many significant accomplishments, all of which have benefited her students, the college and ultimately, the employers.


One of Nicole’s greatest asset is her ability to accept big challenges and complete them at the highest level of quality. She has already demonstrated her ability to take on challenges as discussed above and ACA looks forward to her future contributions.


Nicole, good luck in being chosen to win a CCO Outstanding Graduate Award!