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Lisa Huhn visits ACA Mississauga  each year to talk to our Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician and other medically-focused students about her story as an organ transplant recipient. Her story never fails to move and inspire our students. Lisa was diagnosed as a child with Type 1 Diabetes. She struggled to keep her blood sugar under control and was not always successful. Eventually it affected both her kidneys and her pancreas – Lisa ended up on kidney dialysis with her pancreas failing. She got the call that a deceased donor was a match for her and received a life saving transplant of both organs. Throughout her life long health issues, Lisa visited many doctor’s offices and laboratories – she interacted with many Med Lab Technicians and Medical Office Assistants. The takeaway from her story for our students is to treat all their patients with respect and courtesy because you never know what they are going through. Another message? Sign up for organ donation at

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