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Using Your Paralegal Diploma Program to Create a Resume That Impresses Employers

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From catching typos to making sure all details are explained in ways that best showcase your experience and attributes, perfecting your resume can seem like a challenge. For many aspiring paralegals, this aspect of the job search can be a little intimidating. In fact, even experienced professionals still worry about perfecting their resume!

That said, you can easily take what you will learn in your paralegal diploma program—especially if you’ll need to  complete a practical work placement—and use that experience to make your resume shine.

If you can’t wait to start your career as a paralegal, here are three ways your training will help you graduate with a stellar resume.

Explain in Detail What You Accomplished in Your Paralegal Training

Working as a paralegal can involve working independently to represent clients in a variety of legal matters including small claims and traffic court, as well as other duties such as interviewing clients, preparing legal documents and other important tasks. It also involves showcasing certain soft skills as well, such as superb communication skills, being a quick thinker, multitasking, and excellent organizational skills.

Working as a paralegal involves helping lawyers prepare for cases

Working as a paralegal involves helping lawyers prepare for cases

By developing these skills in your training, you’ll have plenty to mention in your resume. Mentioning these kinds of details will be helpful in showing employers what you’ve learned in your paralegal training, and that you have the knowledge necessary to build a career in the field.

If You Completed a Placement, Be Sure to Discuss That As Well

If your paralegal program includes a placement, be sure to include it on your resume. Explain what the placement entailed, and what you accomplished during it. For example, the paralegal diploma program at Algonquin Careers Academy (ACA) includes a four-week co-op placement as part of the curriculum. While being supervised by a licensee of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), which the program is accredited by, students can see their knowledge translate to a practical setting as they develop important skills during their placement. 

Since it will also help you put in the hours necessary to qualify for a license in addition to getting your paralegal diploma, it’s especially important you mention your experience in the placement, what you learned, and how you developed professionally as a result.

ACA’s Career Services helps prepare you for entering the workforce

ACA’s Career Services helps prepare you for entering the workforce

Take Advantage of Your School’s Career Services to Help Perfect Your CV

If your school offers services to help you find work and improve your resume, it’s important that you try seeking them out to see how they can help you get closer to the job you want.

For example, ACA’s Career Services provide students with assistance writing their resume, interview tips, and more. If you’re worried you have missed a typo, or that your resume is too long, having someone else look over it can be very valuable. They can help you correct mistakes you might not have seen, and phrase your accomplishments in a manner that helps employers see just how valuable they are. Your school’s career services can help you go over your resume and make sure that it stands out.

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