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At Algonquin Careers Academy, we have a week long Career and Employment Strategies course to supplement our individual one-on-one employment counselling for all of our students. The week takes our students through all of the phases of the job search:


  • Resume - By the end of the week each student has a well-formatted, easily readable, relevant resume - a great base on which to add all of the upcoming experience
  • Cover Letter - Tailored cover letters are not a thing of the past – they can be a key to getting you the opportunity you want
  • Job Search - We go through the job search process including how to search online for opportunities and how to network your way to the hidden job market
  • Interview Prep - We help our students prepare for an interview by reviewing the various types of questions that are asked and practicing how to respond to them
  • Mock Interview - The week ends with a mock interview that is so much like a real interview that many of our students are quite nervous about it – controlling those nerves takes practice

By the end of this employment search and strategies course the students’ confidence in themselves and their ability to land a job has grown considerably. This is GREAT practice for the real world. Job search skills will come in handy for our students and graduates for years to come.

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Roxanne Armstrong is an Employment Counsellor with the Mississauga Campus of Algonquin Careers Academy. Roxanne has many years experience in the job placement industry and is instrumental in helping our Mississauga grads get employment.