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We are very proud of the outstanding placement rates of our graduates. In an independent, externally conducted survey of graduates from Community Colleges and Private Career Colleges, an initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Algonquin Careers Academy had excellent results[1]. In Ottawa our graduate employment rate was 80% and our graduate employment rate in the field of study was 66.7%, six months after graduation. In Mississauga, our graduate employment rate was 100% and our graduate employment rate in the field of study was 66.7%, six months after graduation.  Our rates were considerably higher than the average private career college and, on average between our two colleges, were better than the 83.4% [2] graduate employment rate of community colleges for the same period.


To what do we attribute these excellent numbers? A key contributing factor is that our students are incredibly hard working, determined and prepared. These numbers are also a reflection of the fact that everyone at ACA believes that the students are coming back to school to launch their careers and all strive hard to meet that goal. Furthermore, the Employment Services department is there for our students and graduates to provide help with resume writing, job search, and interview skills. Some other contributing factors:


  • Small class sizes to ensure all students are successful
  • Offering relevant and in demand programs
  • Experienced instructors who engage the students in meaningful lessons
  • Hands on learning with applications to the job
  • On the job training through practical placements


Our job at ACA is to train our students so that they can get meaningful jobs in their field upon graduation. Our promise to our current and future students is that we will continue to strive to maintain or improve these numbers for the continuing success of our graduates.

[1] 2013 Key Performance Indicator Report Prepared by CCI Research Inc. for Forum Research Inc. (2013 was the first and most recent report with which we have been provided)