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Ann Marie Thompson was nominated as this month’s Employee of the Month based on her professionalism, leadership, commitment and customer service. Ann Marie is our Program Coordinator for the Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician program. Ann Marie is very dedicated to both her students and her program and always goes above and beyond to ensure the success of both. Whether it is organizing extra review sessions for current and past students prior to their CSMLS and MLPAO exams, or attending extra seminars and then sharing the information with her colleagues, or arranging Canadian Blood services Stem cell donation projects to come and swab volunteers from the school, Ann Marie is there.  Ann Marie is often described by both her students and colleagues alike, as “dedicated”, “accommodating”, “disciplined”, and “enthusiastic about her profession”. Ann Marie is a member of our campus Health and Safety Committee as well as an active contributor for ideas and solutions that can help improve her program and the campus. Thank you Ann Marie for everything that you do, as it is truly appreciated!


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