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BUSINESS COLLEGE DIPLOMA STUDENTS COMING SOON TO A BUSINESS NEAR YOU! Our Accounting and Payroll / Business Management Students are Well on Their Ways to Becoming Useful Employees of any Organization

Watch for the graduation of these fine Accounting and Payroll / Business Management students in a few months time so that your business can hire them on!

We have two business programs: Accounting and Payroll and Business Management. All business students take all of the accounting and payroll and the Business students stay on to take more general business programs such as Human Resources, Marketing, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, etc. 

Currently the all of the business students are learning accounting. The students shown here were taking the Sage 50 module. Sage 50 is very user friendly accounting software and is widely used by small to mid-size companies in North America. Students can easily learn the core functionality of various modules/journals such as General Journal, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Inventory, and even sales tax set up for various provinces. Students can easily install this software on their personal computer for hands on practice. 

The students are learning the Accounts Payable journal that involves supplier set up, creating invoices and payment to outstanding invoices and other payments as well. By the time they have finished all of the Sage 50 modules, they will be well versed in this software and ready to move on to other packages.

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