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As always, on behalf of the entire ACA management team, I hope this communication finds you, your family and friends healthy and safe.

You have completed another successful week of learning, and Victoria Day long weekend is here!

ACA is always thinking about you and working very hard behind the scenes to prepare for the day that we can safely welcome you back to school.  We truly believe that day is sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, to continue to keep yourself and your family safe, take the steps to stay healthy:  wash your hands with soap thoroughly and often; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, cough and sneeze into your sleeve or preferably a tissue and dispose of the tissue immediately, and keep your surfaces clean and disinfected. 

The coronavirus has certainly wreaked havoc for individuals, companies, communities, and the world.  There is no shortage of challenging news when it comes to this global pandemic.  However, let’s all focus on the stories that remind us of the goodness of humanity and the power of human connection.  Laughter also has amazing healing powers.  It relaxes your body, boosts the immune system, protects your heart, and burns calories (who knew?).  Lift your spirts by laughing, giving, appreciating, and supporting.  Even a small gesture from you can mean everything to the intended recipient.

Stay physically distant (2 metres or a hockey stick away) but socially connected, and know that we will get through this together!

If you need our support, let your instructor know and we will contact you. 

Stay healthy and see you soon.

Kindest regards,

Des, Martha, Rebecca and Susan