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What Canada Means to Me - Award Winners

Canada is home, it is a place that I am proud to call home. Being a part of a nation that can welcome and celebrate everyone. Canada means peace, safety and equality. Being Canadian is more than just a status, it is a privilege, an honour and the greatest opportunity of freedom.  Jessica F.


What Canada means to me is nature. Nature goes with peace, culture, equality, opportunity and freedom. I feel I have wings and can fly whenever, however and wherever. I can do whatever I want because I live in Canada. I am proud I am Canadian. I love Canada.  Seema T.


Canada is the best country in the world. Freedom of speech and multiculturalism is where this country thrives. To be born and raised here is the greatest blessing. Canada is truly my home and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I want my kids to be raised up here and even my grandkids. To the greatest country in the world, Happy Canada Day!!!  Moshin D.


Canada made me emotionally and physically strong. It made me confident and gave me sources to educate myself and earn money to help my parents financially back home. Coming to Canada was a life improving decision. Happy Birthday Canada!! Garvi P.


These are the four winning entries into our What Canada Means to Me contest at the Mississauga Campus. All the entries were incredibly meaningful and it was difficult to select the winners but the words of these four students stood out for us. What an amazing group of students we have at ACA - we are so proud of all of you!!!