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Evelyn Marin Nominated for CCO Outstanding Graduate AwardEvelyn Marin is one of the six ACA graduates nominated for a CCO Outstanding Graduate Award. Evelyn is an Ottawa graduate of the Business Management program. Evelyn arrived in Canada as an immigrant who once had everything back home in Venezuela: a career, economic stability and a beautiful family. However, the political crisis in her homeland gave her no choice but to leave to a foreign country looking for better opportunities for her husband, her son and herself. She initially enrolled in the Paralegal program, but after coming to the realization that she knew nothing about Canadian law, she switched to Business Management because she had some background in business administration. She decided to live true to the words of the business leader Richard Branson “if someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes! Then, learn how to do it later.”

Evelyn put her heart and soul into her studies, all the while experiencing many challenges in her personal life. She maintained an academic average of 93% with no mark below 90 and received academic and leadership awards. She contributed fully in classroom discussions by using excellent communication and analytical skills which she had developed through her business administration work in Venezuela and working at the Embassy of Venezuela in Ottawa.

Throughout her program, Evelyn demonstrated exceptional teamwork skills both in completing team assignments and in assisting her fellow students based on her experience and the education received in Venezuela.

In recognition of her superb performance and overcoming so many personal obstacles, Evelyn was voted as Valedictorian based on the recommendations of teachers and staff. She delivered an exceptional speech at the 2017/2018 encouraging the graduates to never give up and to live your dream, because one day, you will become what you always dreamed of.

After two months of working as a casual employee following graduation, Evelyn received a job offer for a permanent position in the Government of Canada, Service Canada Directorate. Government managers recognized her high level of performance, excellent business writing ability and commitment to the Directorate.

The General Director and Director approved French Language and Project Management training as they saw her great potential for growth within the government. Shortly after her arrival there, she was asked to temporarily replace a more senior Executive Assistant and was able to meet all deadlines and expectations during that time.

In January 2019, Evelyn received an award for outstanding performance and for exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. She had the great honour of having the award presented to her by the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Transformation and Integrated Service Management Branch.

Wishing Evelyn good luck in being chosen for a CCO Outstanding Graduate Award!