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Michele Dewitt was nominated as this month’s Employee of the Month based on her customer service, commitment, and  professionalism. Michele is a part-time PSW Instructor at the Campus and when she is not busy teaching the core NACC PSW program, Michele is certified to instruct our students in GPA (Gentle Persuasive Approaches) as well. Michele works closely with her Program Coordinator (also named Michelle) on the updating of PSW resources, the organization of materials, and the overall student experience.

Michele is a team player who is respected by both her colleagues and her students alike. She is attentive to others and always provides attention and support to those that require her assistance; she is always happy to roll up her sleeves to support with Student of the Month, Campus events (dropping off items to charities, Value Village), etc.

Michele is an ambassador for her campus and conducts herself in a professional manner by doing her best to convey positive communications and interactions with others. Whether assisting with the set-up of a Lab/Classroom, or making new employees feel welcome, or intervening with students requiring support, Michele is always there to ensure that our requirements are met to move the campus and our PSW program forward with results. Currently Michele is in the midst of leading a PSW outreach initiative for ACA.

Thank-you Michele for everything that you do, as it is truly appreciated!