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Ottawa campus, employee of the month, awardSofia Ktenas was nominated for employee of the month because of her enthusiasm to always assist those requesting support. She is reliable, dependable and always pitches in to support her campus in whatever capacity is required.

As the Operations Support Coordinator, Sofia has helped to coordinate extra-curricular events on weekends to raise the profile of her campus, she has supported George in the coordination of an IT upgrade on the campus, she helped to organized the recent PD day and student BBQ, and most recently Sofia was instrumental in supporting a classroom reorganization during the mid-summer break.

In addition to her day to day responsibilities supporting both the students and the administration of the Ottawa campuses, it is not unusual to see Sofia hanging a plaque, a picture, etc. whatever is required including picking up a paint brush to touch up a wall. Sofia has become our “Ms. Fix-it” at the campus and we are very fortunate that she possesses such a multitude of talents.

Sofia is professional, and committed to both Ottawa campuses and always does her best to provide courteous customer service to everyone that she encounters.

Thank you Sofia for all of your hard work and dedication and congratulations on being awarded the Employee of the Month!