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What is it like to be a Medical Laboratory Technician?


Choosing to be in health care as a Med Lab Technician is very rewarding as you can see from the following confessions of a couple of MLA/Ts.

“As a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician I am challenged every day to reach or exceed my full potential.   I am always learning new things, techniques and growing as a Technician in this ever-changing medical field.  This is not an easy career with its fast paced environment, but it is a very rewarding one when you see patients leave with smiles on their faces knowing you have taken the time to quickly and efficiently take care of them.  Without laboratory techniques, patients would not know what their bodies are doing and neither would their doctors and their long or short term medical care team.   I am 110% happy and glad that I chose to enrol at Algonquin Careers Academy as we worked together to pursue my new career choice.”     Former student: Kim Farmer currently employed



“As a returning mature student, the Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician program at Algonquin Careers Academy is a remarkable stepping stone to return to or enter the medical field as a phlebotomist or medical assistant. The teachers offer an energetic, knowledgeable and professional approach to scientific concepts and the hands-on approach complements the theoretical aspect.   It permits initiation and refinement of multiple medical techniques essential to employment.”     Current student: Martin Simard 


“As rewarding as it is to be a MLA/T, you can see that we do take time out of the fast paced learning environment to celebrate the important events around us.   Students recently took time out of their stressful and busy exam week studying for the their final exam   to surprise a fellow student with her baby shower.”     Instructor: Carrie Labonte