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Proud of our Paralegal Program - THANKS KIMBERLY!

paralegal, licensed paralegal, testimonialOne of our Paralegal students, Kimberly Anderson, has this to say about taking Paralegal at ACA: “From the first day I enrolled into the Paralegal program, I knew I had taken the right path to where I want to be 5 years from now, and that will be a successful, licensed paralegal. The skills and knowledge I have developed over the course of a year, made my internship more comfortable knowing I had the skills I needed to achieve in the law field. And the Career Strategies Program is 100% accurate – it really helped me become more confident in what I can achieve.” Thanks Kimberly for those wonderful words about our school and paralegal program. I love how you are visualizing and setting goals for where you will be in five years! Go for it! To find out more about the paralegal program: