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Ever wonder what happens to that urine sample with which you provide your doctor? Our Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant students and graduates can tell you.

Urinalysis is a quick, simple, non invasive test that doctors will perform. The results of the urinalysis allow the doctor to screen for diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and infections. The test is very easy to do and simple to interpret. Students will dip chemical strips in the urine and match the results based on colour.

So now that you know what happens to your urine sample, do you want to become the person who does this medical test and others? Check out our Med Lab program page on our website and contact us to find out more.…/heal…/medicallabassistant


Carrie Labonte-Keafer is a Medical Laboratory Technologist who has been the lead Med Lab Instructor at our Ottawa campus since 2014. Along with her extensive teaching backround, Carrie also has many years of in-lab experience.