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Injections Workshop: Jabbing Oranges to Make Your Next Injection Smooth

ACA offers a variety of Continuing Education workshops including Injections: Subcutaneous, Intra Dermal, Intra Muscular. An injections workshop was held at the Mississauga campus on Saturday, January 14. It received some very positive comments about both the workshop and the instructor, Suki Kaur RN, BScN, CDE.



Topics Covered in this workshop include:

  • Administering Intramuscular Injections
  • Using sterile technique
  • 5 Rights of Medication Administration
  • Aspects of informed consent
  • Medical orders
  • Common abbreviations
  • Parts of syringe
  • Hands-On Lab
  • Drawing-up medication
  • Land marking and Injecting
  • Documentation
  • Dosage calculations
  • Correct technique
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Review questions and answers
  • Learn the necessary skills and technique for administering SC, IM and ID Injections using sterile technique

The entire list of extracurricular workshops can be found at: more information about any of the continuing education programs, please call the campus nearest you.

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