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CES For Job Search Success


CES stands for Career and Employment Strategies and that stands for Job Search Success! CES generally is a week-long course that helps our students become job search ready. Our students, have made the decision to change careers and go back to school this is the course that is designed to help them take that decision to the next level and get a job in their chosen field. There may be courses that students take throughout their lives that they NEVER use again because of the area in which they specialize. CES is not one of these courses. In CES the students learn how to prepare their resumes, write a cover letter, look for jobs, network, prepare for the interview and then ACE the

interview. These techniques and skills will be useful throughout life. As a graduate takes on new roles and responsibilities these need to be added to their resumes. A decision to change jobs requires that the job search skills be dusted off. A call to come in for an interview means that interview preparation will be required. CES provides the students with all of these capabilities that will last a lifetime.

It is surprising how many students come into the course with a "do we have to do this course" attitude and it is very gratifying that they leave with a "that was really a worth-while course" viewpoint.

As an instructor of CES, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the transformation in confidence that takes place from the start of the week to the end. The students come out ready and excited to tackle their job search. There are students from one end of the spectrum ("I have never had to apply to or be interviewed for a job before") to the other ("I have been there, done that") and every student leaves having learned something new and useful about the job search process.

Our Career Counsellors look forward to helping in the job search process and everyone at Algonquin Careers Academy wants to hear about the job search successes of our graduates!


Student Comments about CES

"It was very helpful because I have learned the mistakes or the dos and donts. And I feel more confident answering unexpected questions."

"It was great to get feedback. And I now know that I need to look up all the information about the job and company before the interview."

"I found the mock interview was very helpful to me. Now I know what to expect and what to practice more for my real interviews."