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The Importance of Customer Service Skills for Pharmacy Assistant Training Graduates

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Are you considering a pharmacy assistant career? You’re in for a dynamic role that helps others daily. Several skills are necessary for success in this career. You’ll need to possess an extensive understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, medical terminology, prescription interpretation, and many more industry-specific concepts. 

In addition, specific soft skills ensure customer satisfaction, one of the most crucial being customer service. Keep reading to discover the importance of excellent customer service for pharmacy assistant graduates and how our training program will prepare you to thrive in this area.

The Role of a Pharmacy Assistant Is Customer Facing

Pharmacy assistants perform a wide range of different tasks. So, if you’re looking for a path to enjoy variety in your daily schedule, this is a great option. You will be tasked with various clerical duties such as inventory management, patient record keeping, third-party billing, and more.

In many cases, you’ll be the first point of contact for patients and customers at your place of work. The role of a pharmacy assistant is front-facing, which means that you will have regular direct contact with the public. You’ll need to handle complaints and answer patient questions while maintaining confidentiality. Discover specific best practices to help you provide exceptional customer service skills after pharmacy assistant training

A pharmacy assistant training grad providing a prescription for a customer
Your work will be centered around customer satisfaction after pharmacy assistant training

Customer Service Best Practices to Remember After Pharmacy Assistant Training

No matter what industry you work in, customer service begins with a friendly, welcoming demeanor. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is particularly valuable as you serve patients and customers who likely need assistance understanding the products they’re obtaining. What specific ways do you provide excellent customer service as a pharmacy assistant?

A pharmacy assistant training grad completing purchases for customers
Our pharmacy assistant training will familiarize you with customer service best practices

Start by planning. After a while working at the same place, you will likely be able to anticipate which customers will come in depending on the day. Prepare to see your regulars by having their prescriptions ready in advance. Be sure to focus on building relationships with these regulars, remembering their names, understanding their unique needs, and remaining committed to their satisfaction. Always protect the confidentiality of your customers per PHIPA regulations. Customer service is a multifaceted, challenging competency for pharmacy assistants to develop, but fortunately, our pharmacy assistant courses will make you an expert in no time.

How We’ll Prepare You to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Our 34-week pharmacy assistant diploma program is designed to equip students with the industry knowledge and skills they need to thrive in various pharmaceutical settings. These include community / retail pharmacies, manufacturing facilities, and long-term care centers. The theoretical knowledge you’ll obtain in our program will enable you to provide valuable information that will allow your customers to make informed decisions and purchases.

We understand that specific lessons are best learned through first-hand experience. For this reason, we provide the opportunity to practice essential pharmacy assistant skills in a practical placement with one of our many partners in the industry, and 225 hours of practice in a professional pharmacy setting will provide you with the customer service experience you’ll need to start your career successfully.

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