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Exploring a Career as a Personal Support Worker? Keep These Job Search Strategies in Mind!

personal support worker grad caring for an elderly patient

Personal support workers are essential healthcare workers who care for the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of patients who need help caring for their needs. If you’re caring, conscientious, and adaptable, you may already be considering a personal support worker career. If so, our career-focussed training program is an excellent starting point for your journey. We provide our students with the practical care-giving skills they need to help their patients with their daily routines and the competencies to deal with patients' families correctly and collaborate effectively with other members of a patient’s healthcare team. To hone these skills, gain confidence, and build professional relationships, our students benefit from an 8-week clinical placement.

ACA students receive extensive career development support after completing their training, and there are plenty of strategies each PSW student can use to advance their career individually. As one of our graduates, you can be confident that a secure healthcare career awaits you. Learn about some effective job search strategies you can use to get started as a personal support worker.

Enhance Your Experience As A Personal Support Worker

Employers appreciate it when prospective hires have some experience, making them easier to train and more effective on the job. This fact challenges new personal support worker graduates who still need to add experience to their resumes. Fortunately, our program helps students face this challenge with the 8-week clinical placement component, which assures employers that our graduates are prepared to shoulder the demands of a PSW job. Another way you can enhance your experience as a personal support worker is to volunteer in your community with organizations that aid those who need day-to-day care, like the patients you hope to work with in the future.

personal support worker grad volunteering
Consider volunteering to enhance your personal support worker experience

Start By Researching Potential Employers

Not all employers are created equal. Before applying to work at an organization after earning your personal support worker diploma, research—leverage technology to examine what past and current employees say about the organization. Pay close attention to the work culture, estimated salary, and policies during your research to determine whether you’ve found a suitable position. Decided that you like a particular organization? Your research will help you prepare for the interview. Look for critical responsibilities within each job description and highlight specific ways you’ve demonstrated the ability to fulfill each one, thanks to your education and work experience.

Leverage Technology To Find Opportunities

Today, employers use a variety of online platforms to find eligible candidates to fill positions. You should be using popular sites like LinkedIn to start applications and try building connections by engaging with posts and directly messaging employers. Networking online is a convenient and effective way to take advantage of personal support worker opportunities. Be sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile for landing your ideal position, highlighting your experience, skills, and suitability for the field.

personal support worker job searching online
Leverage technology to find personal support worker jobs

By completing our program, taking advantage of the support we put in place for our students, and applying the strategies discussed above, we are confident in your ability to find success as a personal support worker.

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