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3 Reasons to Get an Office Management Job After Business Management Training

3 Reasons to Get an Office Management Job After Business Management Training

Are you considering earning your business management diploma and wondering where it will lead you? With the interpersonal, administrative, operational and leadership skills you gain during your training, you’ll be prepared to pursue a number of roles, one of them being a position as an office manager. Office managers facilitate the operations of a business, handling a number of key responsibilities, including administrative tasks, staff management, goal and guideline setting, budget management, and more, depending on the size and scope of the office they work within. Not only do office managers have the rewarding job of keeping offices running efficiently, but they’re also able to interact with clients and colleagues daily, creating a positive work environment.

With business management training at Algonquin Careers Academy, you can build the skills you need to transition easily into an office management role in less than a year. Below, discover three key reasons to pursue a career in office management.

1. Enjoy an Independent Role After Business Management Training

The role of an office manager is largely self-led, meaning that within this position, you’ll enjoy a significant degree of independence. Office managers are responsible for ensuring that the staff’s work aligns with the achievement of the organization’s goals and deliverables. As such, you’ll have the freedom to plan, strategize and apply your ideas to improve operations. Office managers also control policies around client relations, organize documents, schedule meetings and assign incoming tasks to employees, depending on the size of the office. If you’re looking for a career that allows you to take initiative and implement your own methods of organization and management, this could be the perfect opportunity for you, after completing a business management program.

business management training, you’ll enjoy a high degree of independence as an office manager
After business management training, you’ll enjoy a high degree of independence as an office manager

2. An Office Manager’s Career is Stable and Lucrative

As Office Managers serve a crucial function within organizations, there’s a good level of consistent demand in this field, with reasonable growth expected in the coming years. With their skills, office managers can work in a variety of industries, including educational services, health care, professional services and technical organizations. Coupled with economic growth and the continued need for support in maintaining operational efficiency, organizations will continue to seek the services of skilled office managers. As a result, these professionals enjoy a stable and lucrative career, with a median salary of $25.64/hour in the province of Ontario.

Office managers are in demand in Ontario
Office managers are in demand in Ontario

3. Benefit from a Dynamic Work Environment

With no two workdays the same, there will never be a dull moment when you become an office manager. After completing your business management training, you’ll apply your skills in a number of different areas. For one, your analytical and problem-solving skills will be used to improve processes around the office and implement solutions for operational or administrative issues. You’ll also use your technology skills to navigate a variety of computer software and office management tools. With your leadership and communication skills, you’ll work to keep staff aligned with company goals and provide clarity on any changes to processes or policies. Thanks to your keen attention to detail and time management capabilities, you’ll be able to juggle many responsibilities throughout the day, making for an exciting and dynamic work environment.

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