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Considering a Medical Office Assistant Career? Tips From ACA Grad Natalie Davis

Medical office assistants enjoy a dynamic yet secure occupation that allows them to interact with different people. Both rewarding and well-paid, medical office assistant careers are excellent options for those who are interested in the medical field and administrative work. If you’re considering a career in this field, you’re in the right place. We had the chance to have a discussion with recent graduate Natalie Davis, and she shared plenty of helpful insights into what it takes to succeed in medical office training and land your dream position. Natalie’s interest in medical office training arose from her desire to find consistent, well-paid work, which she struggled with after medical transcription training.

She currently works as the Executive Assistant/Administrative Support Specialist to the President and CEO of Cornwall Community NJ Hospital. Our accelerated program appealed to Natalie, as it sets its students on the path to medical office jobs within just one year. In addition, Natalie loved that she could study remotely in our online program. Since a healthy work/life balance was important to her, Natalie also appreciated that the program only required twenty in-class hours per week. That being said, students seeking success in a medical office assistant career should be up for a challenge.

Read on to learn how you can thrive in our career training program and beyond.

Take A Proactive Approach to Your Medical Office Assistant Career

Natalie advises prospective students to take charge of their education. “Participate in your life. Things will not be handed to you like they were when you were a child. You will be given better opportunities to succeed if you just show up and work,” she says. Remember that medical office assistant training is a vehicle for self-improvement. You owe it to yourself to put in your best effort. Natalie highlights the importance of good note-taking and adequate self-care. “Exercise, eat well, get lots of rest, and do things that bring you joy.  It will help with stress,” she elaborates.

Be ready to take a proactive approach to medical office assistant training

Manage Your Expectations

It will be easier to take a proactive approach to your medical office assistant career when you adjust your expectations. Natalie gives prospective students a reality check saying, “This isn’t a weekend of crafting; this is Medical Office training. You will be learning an extraordinarily large amount of information in a short period of time, and you will have a lot of projects and work to do.”

With a realistic outlook and help from our supportive faculty, you’re sure to succeed in medical office assistant training

On the other hand, you won’t need to face the challenges of our rigorous training program alone. In our discussion, Natalie highlighted the impact of our supportive faculty, saying, “The biggest impact was my professor, Svetlana, who pushed us and held us accountable to the expectations of our field. She is a gifted instructor and leader; I wanted to do well in her class, and I rose to the challenge. I know I’m smart, and in the end, I was the one who did the work, but I wouldn’t have done so well if it hadn’t been for her.  She forced us to get outside our comfort zone and strive for greatness.”

Work On Your Confidence

Though Natalie knows her strengths and has plenty of highly transferable skills from previous work experience, she admits to struggling with a lack of confidence at times. She urges new students to be confident and further explains, “I have imposter syndrome, like the next person, I’m sitting in a hospital thinking ‘how on earth did I get here?!’  But I hold my head high. Others see what I can’t, and they see excellence – if the Executive Leadership Team can see it, it must be true!” Just like Natalie, you can develop the skills you need to represent medical office assistant excellence and approach any position with competence and confidence.

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