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SSS For Academic Success


Student Success Strategies (SSS) is a workshop that takes place as early in the students program as possible, preferably in the first week. It is designed to assist students in transitioning into their new roles as full-time students.

This course provides tools for the students to use in their academic pursuits to improve their class performance and in the job search process. Topics covered include learning styles, time management techniques, note taking, study hints and shortcuts, changing patterns and habits, memory techniques and exam and assignment preparation tips. The Student Handbook covers the rules of the school.

Recently changes were made to the existing Student Success Strategies workshop. The changes in the course provide students with more visual and practical examples of learning strategies that help the students "get it". A new segment of the SSS course is dedicated to the job search process where students begin to learn how to compose a professional resume and cover letter. However, the process of writing both documents is left until the Career and Employment Strategies (CES) workshop which takes place later in the students programs. This portion of the course also includes topics such as professional networking, job searching and informational interviewing. These components allow our students to develop their professional persona, examine the importance of interacting with people in their corresponding fields, and obtain valuable insights regarding future job opportunities.

SSS provides students with the opportunity to explore and learn strategies that will help them excel at school and in the job market.


Student Comments about the New and Improved SSS

"The time management strategies were very important to me. I started using a few of the strategies that we talked about and I found them very helpful in my personal and school life."

"Aspects that I found most helpful were: It gave me an overview of the program, my obligations as a student and the rules and regulations governing the school. It was given in a warm, welcoming atmosphere and portrayed how committed the instructors are. I also got to know how the job market is and how I can prepare myself before, during and after interviews."

"I wasn't aware of many of the job search sites that were presented in the workshop. Interview questions - good to be prepared ahead of time for what could potentially come. Cover letter- was not aware of the format, now I feel much more prepared for my future job search."

"All aspects of the workshop were interesting. It highlighted the roles and obligations for me as a student. The roles of the school and the opportunities available in the PSW field in Ottawa and Canada at large."