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Early Childcare Assistant Program Outline

(Please note that programs may be changed or upgraded to meet the demands of industry without notice)

Core Early Childcare Assistant Skills:

Role of the Childcare Worker!

This module covers the principles of professionalism in the childcare field. It includes manner, dress, attitude and the importance of the Early Childcare Assistant in the child’s daycare experience and development.

Observation Skills

Course work covers the skills required to observe children effectively. Written observations are made in a variety of settings and circumstances. Students draw from their practical experiences to add to the module. Pitfalls and problems with observation techniques are discussed.

Child Development

This module covers the multifaceted aspects of a child’s development including physical, social, intellectual, emotional and moral components. An in-depth exploration of the complexity of child development is undertaken.

Guiding Children 

Course work covers concepts of enhancing child-based play, encouraging age appropriate behaviours and using a variety of effective guidance techniques. Based on the day-to-day operations of a childcare facility, the theory and practical application of these concepts are observed and discussed.

Program Planning  

The students are introduced to the diverse components of effective program planning. Incorporated into program planning are a variety of activities that aid in a child’s overall healthy development. The importance of dramatic play, circle time and problem-solving activities are discussed.

Children and Technology  

A variety of children’s software programs are examined to evaluate/assess the effectiveness of this medium for child development. Students have an opportunity to review programs and learn about their appropriate application in an early learning environment.

Communication Skills 

The emphases in this module are on developing the skills to communicate in a clear, concise, articulate manner in both written and oral form. A variety of topics are included i.e. two-way communication, listening skills, grammar, spelling, written notes and report completion.

Health and Safety  

Health and safety standards and applications are studied and discussed in this critically important module. Students learn about healthy environments and how to educate children in managing their own good health habits. Child abuse recognition and prevention procedures are examined and sample policies are reviewed.


This module covers the theory and application of balanced, healthy nutrition for children 0 to 6. Basic food handling principles are discussed, while recipes are reviewed and assessed. Menu planning and compiling a resource of appropriate recipes and menus are incorporated.

Testing/Evaluation and Review  

A review of all of the core learning modules.

Clinical Placement  

The student will have the opportunity to learn “on the job” in this unpaid clinical placement. The placement will take place in a day care or early learning centre. The Clinical Placement will occur throughout the program as there are some modules that require hands-on application of the theory elements in order to complete the module.

Workplace Skills:

CPR and First Aid Certification

A two-day certified course in First Aid and CPR for adults is provided at the College

Student Success Strategies 
Emphasis is placed on thinking about success from day one and developing the non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic and career success. Topics include: goal setting, time management, learning styles, memory techniques, note taking and test writing techniques.

Computer Essentials
•    Learn the basics of the Windows operating system, computer hardware, and software
•    Practice effective file management
•    Explore various Internet search techniques
•    Obtain touch typing skills with a goal of 45 words per minute before graduation
•    Create, edit, and print Microsoft Word letters and reports
•    Format documents and control the page appearance
•    Create, modify, and print Microsoft Excel workbooks
•    Perform calculations using formulas and functions
•    Apply formatting to a worksheet

Career and Employment Strategies   

This module takes the students through the entire job search process including:

•    Where and how to look for a job
•    Effective resume preparation
•    Creating a cover letter tailored to the position
•    Interview preparation
•    Job search management
•    Self-confidence and self-esteem building
•    Mock interviews 
•    Follow up after the interview