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Healthcare Programs and Career Courses

Algonquin Careers Academy offers a number of courses in the ever growing field of health care. As the baby boomer generation comes of age, our hospitals, clinics, and nursing facilities are in constant need of well trained industry professionals. Algonquin Careers Academy offers the following diploma programs:

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Intra-Oral Dental Assisting Level 1 & 2 Program Outline

(Please note that programs may be changed or upgraded to meet the demands of industry without notice)

Course List

·    Student Success Strategies  (20 hours)

·    Introduction to Technology  (40 hours)

·    Dental Anatomy and Histology  (40 hours)

·    Dental Microbiology and Sterilization  (40 hours)

·    Principles of Dental Assisting 1  (40 hours)

·    Principles of Dental Assisting 2  (40 hours)

·    Principles of Dental Assisting 3  (40 hours)

·    Operative Dentistry  (40 hours)

·    Dental Office Procedures  (60 hours)

·    Preventative Dentistry  (40 hours)

·    Dental Pharmacology and Nutrition  (40 hours)

·    Dental Materials  (40 hours)

·    Dental Medical Emergencies  (40 hours)

·    Radiology 1  (60 hours)

·    Radiology 2  (40 hours)

·    Intra Oral Principles I  (80 hours)

·    Intra Oral Principles II  (80 hours)

·    Intra Oral Principles III  (80 hours)

·    Career & Employment Strategies  (20 hours)

·    Effective Communication Strategies  (40 hours)

·    Dental Field Placement  (80 hours)

Total Hours  1000