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Medical Esthetician Program Outline

(Please note that programs may be changed or upgraded to meet the demands of industry without notice)

Core Medical Esthetician Skills:

Introduction to Esthetics  (40 hours)

This module covers the history of Esthetics, Medical Esthetics, the spa, the salon and the overall beauty industry. Professional etiquette, career opportunities, and terminology are covered.

Skin Care, Treatments and Facials  (460 hours)

This module is the foundation of Esthetics/Medical Esthetics and provides a strong foundation in general sciences. Students will learn about:

  • sanitation and disinfection
  • anatomy and physiology
  • cosmetic chemistry
  • the basics of electricity and 
  • comprehensive knowledge of the skin sciences.

In particular, students will learn:

  • the physiology and histology of the skin
  • skin disorders and diseases
  • how to analyze skin and
  • skin care products and ingredients.

All aspects of performing various types of professional facial treatments will be taught including:

  • treatment room set up
  • facial massage techniques
  • different types of facials and 
  • how to incorporate various types of esthetics machines into facial treatments.

Hair Removal Techniques  (80 hours)

This module covers different permanent and temporary hair removal methods and how the skin is affected. Waxing techniques for face and body.

Manicures and Pedicures  (120 hours)

This subject will provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of the structure, function and disorders of the nails of the hands and feet.  All safety and sanitation procedures related to manicure and pedicure services. The professional use of manicure and pedicure equipment, implements and products. The steps and protocols for basic manicure and pedicure services.

Makeup, Lashes and Brows (100 hours)    

This course provides the student with the basics of colour theory, facial shapes, and features.  Choosing products, various techniques for makeup application and preparation of the skin.  Students will learn basic skincare, simple corrective makeup techniques, and evening looks.  Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are also part of this course.

Body Treatments and Spa Massage  (120 hours)

In this module, students will learn the importance of stimulating and hydrating the skin on other parts of the body (aside from facials).  They will also gain an understanding of the human body; learn relaxation massage techniques; and various types of body treatments that are commonly offered in a spa.  Students will be introduced to aromatherapy and hot stone massage, and reflexology. 

Salon/Spa Business and Career Success  (80 hours)

This module outlines important aspects of successful salon business management and personal career success.

Advanced Medical Esthetics Treatments  (240 hours)

In this module, students will be introduced to specialized treatments provided by Medical Estheticians. Covering essential skills necessary to perform:

  • microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser and IPL services to treat a range of skin imperfections
  • working within a medical environment
  • customer service practices
  • skin care maintenance and
  • treatment product knowledge.

Medical Esthetics Placement  (80 hours)

The student will participate in an off-site work placement to enhance their in class learning experiences.

Total Hours  1320